“Coaching provided me with tools, knowledge, inspiration, motivation, support & accountability which were essential to push me into action. I achieved what I set out to do in the end and am in the process of reaching a higher purpose & achieving greater success in every phase of my life”.   Polmed.

 “Spin-Touch effectively coached the senior team and participated in the elaboration of the “word of mouth” marketing strategy”. Econocom Foods.

 “Initially I was negative about the sessions, and the following questions came up in my mind:  Will it really assist me?  Will I benefit from it?  Won’t it take a lot of time from my hectic schedule at work?  What will the coach and myself be talking about? … and more. To my surprise at the end of the day, there were answers to all my questions.  I didn’t realise that I needed coaching at work, but today I can truly confirm I’ve benefitted a lot from it”. Polmed.

 Some other statements: 

·         I realised that I am a success with clear direction.

·         I’ve made a breakthrough by washing away the past.

·         I learnt to trust people and myself with decision making in order to produce a successful effort.

·         I’ve learnt how to plan and prioritize better.

·         In the process I realized there are opportunities, and I should make use of it.

·         It came to my senses that I like what I am doing now.

Coaching helped me realise certain blocks in my life that I had created whilst just a young little girl. These blocks stopped me from loving myself and accepting all situations as is… nothing personal. Once I got to explore these blocks with Lefuma in a trusting environment I could go to the root of the cause of these blocks and with awareness change or even accept them. Lefuma takes a holistic approach, goes into each aspect of your life, not just business or whatever your "coaching requirement" is. Your personal block might just be the one thing that is blocking a certain aspect of your business moving forward… and I love that she looks at it that way. Being spiritual I was happy to communicate with her on topics which are usually taboo and shoved aside by society. She has an amazing ability to get down to the heart of the matter without you even realising it, no psychologist needed but most definitely her as a coach! Inksideout