Lefuma Mokhethi  - Executive Coach, Management Consultant and Speaker

Lefuma has been exploring, studying and worked in the area of human development for more than 20 years, with the past 12yrs invested in experimenting and researching this area extensively.

She travelled widely in Africa and other parts of the world, with the purpose of deepening understanding of human dynamics in various cultures, as well as experimenting with different methodologies that accelerate human development.

She has acquired extensive knowledge in different human development models employed by various cultures and also underwent major personal transformation through participating in some of these top behavioural change programmes.

Her extensive academic background and years of experience in the Human Resources Industry has equipped her intricate knowledge and insight into human behaviour and development opportunities.

From her wide range of experimentation she has gained awareness that we are all capable of greatness. That greatness is a state that each one of us can access, that with quality strategies and constant application, we definitely can develop into our greatness and sustain it. 

Lefuma believes that coaching is one effective tool to accelerate growth into our greatness because it moves from an extremely affirming premise that respects and acknowledges our inherent capability as human biengs.

She has used coaching with individuals and companies from various sectors and results consistently confirm its power to engineer and escalate people into greatness.

In her work as a coach, Lefuma has the ability to create a context where clients are enabled to be at ease; focus on their goals; easily engage with highly complex phenomena; bring light to their shadows; breakthrough limits; take inspired action; deliver results and celebrate themselves.


2007.  Post Graduate Certificate in Economics: Wits University School of Economics

2006.  NEXUS Leadership Development Programme: Gordon Institute of  Business Sciences (GIBBS)

2005. Professional Coaching Diploma, Master III: Creative Consciousness International.

2002. Master of Management in Public and Development Management. Received          Postgraduate Qualification for completed course work: Wits University School of Public and Development Management.

1997. Executive Programme in Gender Policy Management & Facilitation: Wits University. 

1997. Executive Programme in Development Management & Facilitation:  Wits University.

1994.  Bachelor of Arts. Majors, Psychology and Industrial Sociology: Wits University

Business Experience

2005-Facilitator, Consultant and Executive Coach: Spin-Touch Coaching and  Development.

2004-HR Strategy Consultant and Executive Coach: Sedibeng Placements.

2003-Senior Management Consultant: Palmer Development Group.

2001-2002-Change Management Consultant: Gauteng Shared Service Centre Establishment Project.

1998-2000-Deputy Director, Human Resources: Gauteng Department of Finance and Economic Affairs.

1997-Assistant Director, Labour Relations: Gauteng Department of Corporate Services.

1996-Labour Relations Officer: Gauteng Department of Corporate Services.

1995-Office Administrator: Gauteng Department of Office of the Premier.

1990-Research Assistant: Centre for Policy Studies

From 2006 to 2009, Lefuma did extended travelling of the African continent where she facilitated and coached many groups on self-empowerment in countries including; Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Togo and Benin.  It was during this period that she also carried out extensive research on human dynamics and exploration of various human behavioural change methodologies in the abovementioned countries as well as, London, India and New-York.

Attended Consciousness Related Programmes

1999. Inner Power: Derek Welensky

2003. Introduction to Coaching: Pat Grove

2003. Turning Point: Dr Baruch Banai

2003. Joy Spring: Dr Baruch Banai

2004. African Wisdom: Credo Mutwa

2005. Consciousness Coaching: Creative Consciousness International

2005. Raja Yoga Meditation

2006. Peace of Mind: Mike George

2006. Values in Organisations: Ken Jones

2006: Afro-Egyptian Wisdom: Dr Muata Ashby

2007. The Awakening: Stephen Bachelor

2013. Mind Power – Robin Banks

Attended Specialised Training

· Executive African Leadership Programme: Standard Bank

· Mediation and Arbitration: - Institute of Mediation and Arbitration

· Training and Material Development Skills: Von Hirschfield Levy & Associates

·  Facilitation Skills: Grow Consulting; Von Hirschfield Levy & Associates

·  Effective Communication: Dale Carnegie Institute

· The Art of Creative Selling :Success Motivation International