About Coaching

Coaching is rated among the most effective techniques for human development.

It is based on the belief that we have what it takes and comes from an affirming place of confidence in our capability as human beings. 

An affirming approach only sees and therefore only materialises the highest in us. 

The process supports us to be the best in our area of choice and ensures that we take our game to the highest level of play. 

The process involves a series of focused dialogues and use of a wide variety of human development techniques. 

The design of the process creates a setting where clients are enabled to: 

  • recognise and appreciate themselves; 
  • focus on their goals; 
  • breakthrough limits; 
  • take action; 
  • deliver optimally and 
  • celebrate life

Coaching is delivered either on an individual or group basis, face to face, online or telephonic and fees are determined based on the needs of our clients.